Justin Verlander at his worst since 2008

Justin Verlander at his worst since 2008

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Justin Verlander at his worst since 2008


Yes, it’s the worst we’ve seen out of JV in 8 years, and it’s admittedly concerning. Despite showing that he can still pump it in the upper 90s, his velocity is down overall. His strikeouts are down. His walks are up (perhaps from trying to pick his spots more knowing his velocity is down). He’s 31 years old and coming off off-season core surgery (the core, as you know, is instrumental to pitchers). When Verlander was 23-24 years old, he had to learn how to harness his wicked arsenal — really, how to pitch. The adjustments he’ll need to make at this point in his career are a little different and more difficult. It can be done, though, and Verlander’s far too competitive to write off. He may never reach 2011-2012 levels of dominance again in his career, but Justin Verlander will be must see JV again, and not for the train wrecks.

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