Detroit Tigers 2014 draft picks

Detroit Tigers 2014 draft picks

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Detroit Tigers 2014 draft picks


Here’s a recap of whom the Tigers selected in the 2014 MLB amateur draft.

1st round, 23rd overall: Derek Hill, OF (R/R) – Elk Grove, HS, CA

2nd round, 63rd overall: Spencer Turnbull, RHP – Alabama (Scouting video)

3rd round, 99th overall: Grayson Greiner, C (R/R) – South Carolina (Scouting video)

4th round, 130th overall: Adam Ravenelle, RHP – Vanderbilt (Scouting video)

5th round, 160th overall: Shane Zeile, C (R/R) – UCLA (Scouting video)

6th round, 190th overall: Ross Kivett, CF (R/R) – Kansas State (Scouting video)

7th round, 220th overall: Joe Pankake, 3B (R/R) – South Carolina (Scouting video)

8th round, 250th overall: Artie Lewicki, RHP – Univ. Virginia

9th round, 280th overall: Josh Laxer, RHP – Ole Miss

10th round, 310th overall: Paul Voelker, RHP – Dallas Baptist, TX

11th round, 340th overall:  A.J. Ladwig, RHP – Wichita State

12th round, 370th overall: Garrett Mattlage, SS – Texas State

13th round, 400th overall:  Will Allen, C – Ole Miss

14th round, 430th overall: Josh Heddinger, RHP – Georgia Tech

15th round, 460th overall: Michael Gerber, CF – Creighton (NE)

16th round, 490th overall: Chase Rader, 3B – Coffeyville CC (KS)

17th round, 520th overall:  Corey Baptist, 1B – St. Petersburg College

18th round, 550th overall: Will Maddox, 3B – Tennessee

19th round, 580th overall: Parker French, RHP – Texas

20th round, 610th overall:  Trent Szkutnik, LHP – Michigan

21st round, 640th overall: Whit Mayberry, RHP – Virginia

22nd round, 670th overall: Michael Thomas, C – Kentucky

23rd round, 700th overall: Brett Pirtle, 2B – Mississippi State

24th round, 730th overall: Gabe Hemmer, RHP – San Diego Christian College

25th round, 760th overall:  Gage Smith, RHP – Florida State

26th round, 790th overall: Jack Fischer, RHP – Wake Forest

27th round, 820th overall: Tyler Ford, LHP – Houston

28th round, 850th overall: Will Kengor, SS – Slippery Rock University (PA)

29th round, 880th overall:  Jacob Butler, RHP – University of St. Francis

30th round, 910th overall: Spenser Watkins, RHIP – Western Oregon University

31st round, 940th overall: Grant Reuss, LHP – Cranbrook Kingswood HS 

32nd round, 970th overall: Kenton St. John, LHP – University of South Alabama  

33rd round, 1000th overall: Jonathan Perrin, RHP – Oklahoma State

34th round, 1030th overall: Sammy Stevens, C (L/R), Brother Rice HS 

35th round, 1060th overall: Dave Hollins, 3B (R/R) – Orachard Park HS (NY)

36th round, 1090th overall: Nate Fury, RHP – LSU

37th round, 1120th overall: Patrick Mahomes, RHP – Whitehouse HS

38th round, 1150th overall: Magglio Ordonez, 1B R/R – American Heritage School (FL)

39th round, 1180th overall: Taylor Sanagorski, C – Bishop Carroll Catholic HS (KS)

40th round, 1210th overall: Alex Faedo, RHP – Alonso Sr HS (FL)

We’ll update this as the Tigers pick… 

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