Maidana vs. Mayweather II Picks

Maidana vs. Mayweather II Picks

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Maidana vs. Mayweather II Picks



Last Event Winner: Ben Kohn/Nolan Howell (6-3)

Lucas Bourdon: 9-4 .692
Ben Kohn: 120-55 .686
TC Engel: 83-46 .643
Josh Hall: 35-21 .625
Luke Irwin: 184-111 .624
Naomi Kamornick: 3-2 .600
Earl Montclair: 96-65 .596
Nolan Howell: 105-83 .559
Dan Galvan: 5-6 .455

WBC Welterweight Championship/WBA Super World Welterweight Championship: Floyd Mayweather (c) (46-0) vs. Marcos Maidana (35-4)

Nolan Howell: Maidana shouldn’t have wanted a rematch. His style isn’t made to follow gameplans for twelve rounds and Mayweather will have him scouted here. While Maidana has some good early rounds, I don’t expect this fight to be as close as the last one. Floyd Mayweather by UD.

Luke Irwin: Nobody in the game is better at adjustments than Mayweather, and Maidana won’t have the element of surprise to his advantage anymore. His tornado-esque offense won’t nearly bewilder Mayweather as much at it did before. Mayweather via UD.

IBF Lightweight Championship: Miguel Vazquez (c) (34-3) vs. Mickey Bey (20-1-1)

Nolan Howell: Miguel Vasquez by UD.

Luke Irwin: This is a mandator challenge for Vazquez, maybe the best lightweight in the world. Bey is tough, but Vazquez is in another ballpark. Vazquez via UD.

WBC Super Bantamweight Championship: Leo Santa Cruz (c) (27-0-1) vs. Manuel Roman (17-2-3)

Nolan Howell: Leo Santa Cruz by UD.

Luke Irwin: Another showcase fight for Santa Cruz, as he’s going to dance all over Roman here. Santa Cruz via UD.

Junior Welterweight Bout: Humberto Soto (64-8-2) vs. John Molina (27-4)

Nolan Howell: Humberto Soto by UD.

Luke Irwin: Well this is going to be a hell of a scrap right here. 57 combined knockouts. Ironically, both suffered their last knockout loss at the hands of Lucas Matthysse. I think Soto guts out a grueling scrap. Soto via R9 TKO.

Middleweight Bout: Alfredo Angulo (22-4) vs. James De La Rosa (22-2)

Nolan Howell: Alfredo Angulo by R5 KO.

Luke Irwin: Obviously a bounce back for Angulo to get himself back in the game. Angulo via R2 KO.

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