2014 Vikings Review: Hot Quarterback Action

2014 Vikings Review: Hot Quarterback Action


2014 Vikings Review: Hot Quarterback Action


Slowly but surely we are going to get through the positions and players of the 2014 Vikings and summarize just how good (or awful!) they were in 2014. With a final 7-9 record, you can bet that the aggregate results will be “mediocre.” However, you can bet your ass there were some areas that stuck out. Let’s remember those fondly, instead. 


Which Ones?

Teddy Bridgewater, Matt Cassel, Christian Ponder, Pat Devlin?

Who Did What?

Listen, the conversation here is going to be about Teddy Bridgewater, and for good reason. After dropping in the 2014 NFL draft for REASONS, the Vikings were able to snag him and likely were able to secure him as their franchise QB for years to come. 2014 wasn’t ALWAYS about Teddy Bridgewater though. It started with Matt Cassel (who was suppose to hold this season down while Teddy learned), and we even got to see spot duty from Christian Ponder one game (#FREEPONDER), which also reminded all of us why we don’t ever want to see Ponder again in purple (#DONTFREEPONDER).

Also, Pat Devlin is listed as a Reserve/Future QB on the roster, so do what you will with that. I will do nothing.

How Did That Work Out?

Depends on who you ask. When you factor in the Adrian Peterson garbage and other injuries, it’s probably OK that Cassel went down with a season ending injury and Teddy started the rest of the year. Teddy ended up looking good, possibly figuring some NFL things out. Example! In his first six games he started, he had a 4-6 TD to INTs. About halfway through the season here, something switched, and his production changed to 10-6 TD to INT ratio. Not great! But you know what? It shows improvement. And that’s experience Teddy likely would not have gotten had Zimmer had Peterson around all year and really pushed hard to be a veteran team that would try to make the playoffs.

So, the quarterbacks weren’t great, but it probably could have been worse, and the way it worked out was fine, especially if you had reasonable expectations to start the season anyway.

Guilty Pleasure For 2015?

The fact that Christian Ponder will be on another team. That we’ll go through the 2014 draft without having to worry about a quarterback draft pick. That we have a reasonable veteran back up behind Teddy. That we’re going to get some mystery third quarterback guy that everyone will think we can trade for a top draft pick some day. Good times ahead.

Favorite Position Moment

I liked this the best, even though the throw wasn’t THAT amazing. What was yours?

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