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Sources: Malone never insubordinate with Kings

Report on Malone off base.

Michael Malone, Pete D'Alessandro and Vivek Ranadivé (Photo: Jonathan Santiago)

We live in a world of fast paced, minute to minute information.  We process and spit out new tid bits at an alarming rate and often without properly vetting what is in front of us.  Misinformation becomes reality in the blink of an eye.

A report earlier today paints a less than favorable picture of former Sacramento Kings head coach Michael Malone during his tenure with the team.  According to the piece:

“Ranadive, a source says, told Cousins he had to do it because Malone didn’t get along with GM Pete D’Alessandro and had been insubordinate by missing a meeting.”

Whether Vivek Ranadivé told DeMarcus Cousins that this was the reason Malone was relieved of his duties or not, is unknown.  NBA sources confirmed to Cowbell Kingdom that the incidents mentioned in the report are factually incorrect.  And according to multiple sources, the insinuation that Malone was ever insubordinate during his time with the Kings is laughable.

Malone and D’Alessandro did not have a perfect relationship during their time together with the Kings, that much is clear.  But league sources highly doubt the authenticity of these reports regarding a major blow up between Malone and D’Alessandro, or for that matter, Malone and any other member within the Kings organization.

Meanwhile, the Kings are in lockdown working on a potential deal with a new head coach.  It’s probably time to move forward and not backwards.

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