On February 4, 2015, I had the chance to speak with 2015 NFL Draft prospect John Robertson, here is his story. John Robertson: From VUL to the NFL | The Sports Daily

John Robertson: From VUL to the NFL

John Robertson: From VUL to the NFL

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John Robertson: From VUL to the NFL


When you hear the term “jack of all trades,” you think of somebody that can do it all. That term describes Virginia University of Lynchburg WR/DB and 2015 NFL Draft prospect John Robertson.

Robertson, the 6-foot-1, 200 lb playmaker from Fort Washington, Maryland was given a great opportunity at VUL as he took it and never looked back.

“Just a guy that strives on opportunity, taking advantage of opportunities, and VUL gave me that opportunity”, Robertson said.

If you do not know about Virginia University of Lynchburg, it is a small university outside Central Virginia and is the little brother to Liberty University. VUL is an independant Division II, historically black university.

Being at VUL and playing against teams such as Alcorn State, Gardner Webb, and Livingstone University have prepared Robertson for the next level.

Robertson described his time at VUL as, “It’s been nothing but an uphill success, throughout my grinding process.” It has been a grinding process for the wide receiver as not only playing both basketball and football at VUL, he played offense, defense, and special teams. With playing multiple roles on his team, Robertson sees it as a great opportunity to help his team.

“Anyway, I can help my team out, I’m willing to go that extra mile,” he said.

Robertson’s helpful and giving mindset works hand and hand in with football as he sees it as a fun lifestyle.

“Football is actually fun to me, I don’t look at it more so as a job, its more of a fun lifestyle to me. When I say that, I say that to say you working hard towards anything, it has to be towards something you love to do. Football is something I love to do.”

Having this type of mentality will take Robertson far as it has in his college career. This winter, Robertson participated in the 2015 Dream Bowl over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend and before that the 2014 FCS National Bowl. The Dream Bowl is a college all-star showcase for FCS, D-II and D-III players from across the country, only the best of best. The FCS National Bowl Game also showcases the best players from the D-II, D-III, and NAIA ranks.

Robertson knows that with him accomplishing so much and his NFL dreams becoming reality, he has a lot kids and family looking up to him. He uses that as motivation everyday as he works towards his dreams and wants to give back to the community.

“Giving back to the community is a major part of my character and apart of my aspirations as being an athlete,” said Robertson.

Robertson gives back as is the vice president of the Dragon outreach program at VUL. With this program, Robertson and his other fellow teammates go around tutoring kids and more to help them gain life and leadership skills to set them on a good path going forward.

“I started to realize, how much kids these days look up to us athletes and the roles we play and the platform were on as role models. I started to take on that challenge of being a positive role model.”

A positive role model is exactly what Robertson is and definitely needed on a NFL roster, with the dark cloud that is swarming around the league the past few months.

Whether or not Robertson gets drafted or picked up as an undrafted free agent, he knows that he has talents and a vision that can take him far in his life.

“I’m just blessed man. God has blessed me with many talents and I want to utilize those talents because I’m not the type of guy that takes opportunities for granted. I want to act on things while I have life.”

The next few months for Robertson are going to help him make his dreams to reality as the kid from Ft. Washington, Maryland is about to be in the NFL.

If you missed my interview with Robertson, you can check it out below:

You can also check out Robertson’s highlight video below as well:

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