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The Stanley Cup – Where Will The Blues Stack Up For 2015-16?

The St Louis Blues are one of the biggest names in the Western Conference. Founded in 1967, this professional ice hockey team has since won one President’s Trophy and nine Division Championships. The Blues’ home rink is at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri where fans flock to their games to show support. Because showing their support means to much to them, many fans take on the hype of the latest Royal Vegas online casino games to fund their ticket buying and purchasing of the latest supporters apparel. For the large part, there is plenty to cheer about since they have one of the best teams in the league, so their money is going towards what makes them happy. The problem is that things tend to go awry when it matters. Let’s look at the prospects of St Louis for the Stanley Cup this upcoming 2015-16 season and see if the odds are for or against them in winning them Cup.

Recent Woes

The Blues have dominated during the regular season for the past few years. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that they are a good team. However, they have not been able to extend their winning streak when it comes to the playoffs. For the past three seasons, they have been booted out in the first round. Disappointing is an understatement. Many are quick to defend them given that they lost to formidable teams who eventually won the Stanley Cup. There is really no shame in bowing to champions since other clubs were not able to stop their conquerors as well.

The Head Coach

Still, a lot of people believe that they have the capability to be the champion if they can only get things right. Their head coach, Ken Hitchcock, is taking most of the heat for the club’s dismal playoff performance. Hitchcock is no slouch. He is one of most respected mentors in the sport with a long history of success in the league. It was under his leadership that the Blues have been able to rebuild and create a formidable lineup. He has shown how effective this team can be during the season. Now he just has to make sure that they stay focused in the playoffs.

The Off-season

The off-season is a good time to draft new players with good potential. The problem is that the Blues don’t have a first round draft pick. It’s not too late to make arrangements for that. There are also plenty of excellent free agents that they can sign. They should look at their weaknesses and plug the holes now with players who can deliver during critical plays. Young yet talented guys are needed given the issues with the salary cap. The additions should be geared towards long-term goals.

The Current Lineup

Fans will be counting on team captain David Backes to lead the team anew in the next season. This all-around athlete will have to step up especially when the chips are down in the playoffs. He is capable of doing more damage but he has so far been restricted in his output. Vladimir Tarasenko will need a new contract and will once again be leaned on heavily in the playoffs. Unfortunately, he can’t do it alone and will need more support from his teammates.

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