Jim Harbaugh makes ESPN interview worth listening to

Jim Harbaugh makes ESPN interview worth listening to

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Jim Harbaugh makes ESPN interview worth listening to


This ESPN interview never would’ve been seen by Bobby B here had it not been for JIM HARBAUGH!

Jim Harbaugh was hastily introduced, if at all, and never greeted respectably. Harbaugh called this “good interviewer” out on that by sarcastically taking a step back to make a normal-person greeting.

Any moment in your day when you’re cupcake – “I’m soft” – you’re a pushover? 

Sweet question, “good interviewer”! Yes, Harbaugh is intense (he tells us that several times in the 7 minutes). He proceeded to cut Harbaugh off twice as Harbaugh was finishing his statements with a kind-of-rude-sounding “yeah”.  Like “yeah, that’s nice… not the sound bite I wanted to hear.”

I watch you on Instagram and I watch you on Twitter … When I watch you, you really seem to be all in. 

No question there, “good interviewer.” Not even an open-ended question. Literally no question there.  And you “follow” people on those social medias, not watch.

The next minute or so was really not that bad, and then there was the whole confusion over “buy” vs. “bye” when the “good interviewer” said “The Big Ten feels like a buy to me.” In the past, the Big Ten, Michigan specifically, might have felt like a “bye” or “bye week” because of its weaknesses. Jim Harbaugh doesn’t do homonyms, especially when one word directly relates to football. Maybe “good interviewer” should’ve kept it simple and said something, like, “The Big Ten feels like it’s on the rise – Harbaugh, Meyer, Dantonio, etc. What are your thoughts on that?”

It was downhill from there. “Good interviewer” tried to save the interview by pretending to be a recruit, “not worth a damn” (who also happens to run a 4.3???), asking to get to know “Jim Harbaugh the human being” or “the guy.”  Whatever the fuck all that means. “Good interviewer” then abruptly ends the interview, hanging up on Harbaugh and going on for another minute dogging the guy, even interrupting his own commercial plug to dog him some more.

This “good interviewer” is honestly the worst, always has been, and why D4L refuses to mention him by name.

Harbaugh took the high road:



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