The First Loss

The First Loss

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The First Loss


We all knew this would happen eventually. The Coyotes were not going to go 82-0. I was ready for a win Thursday night but apparently underestimated Minnesota and thought the Coyotes would not be affected by the back-to-backs. Every Coyotes player looked tired, some like they were skating with heavy legs (I know that feeling from running).

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OEL was off Thursday night. He never seemed to be in the right position. He did not look like the OEL we all know and love. Even though Smith was pulled, I thought he played a fairly decent game. I would place a couple of those goals on OEL’s lapses. And the second one? Not sure how any goalie stops that.

I would like to also see some other players get some goals. Don’t get me wrong, I love Domi and Duclair and look forward to great things from them, but they cannot carry this team.

I did like how the entire team fought the entire 60 minutes. No one gave up, no one threw in the towel. It was a much different loss than last season. There was drive, determination and a hope they could come from behind. It wasn’t enough this time but maybe next time it will be.

The real test will be tonight. How will this team respond after a loss?

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