Westboro Baptist Church Backs Daniel Murphy

Westboro Baptist Church Backs Daniel Murphy

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Westboro Baptist Church Backs Daniel Murphy


My guess is that when Daniel Murphy spoke out against the homosexual “lifestyle” back in Spring Training, he could have never guessed that he would (A) have his words thrown back in his face after becoming a postseason hero and (B) become the poster boy for the Westboro Baptist Church.

But here we are, on the eve of the New York Mets facing the Kansas City Royals in the World Series and, yup, both are happening.

Over the weekend, the church (best known for its high-profile “God Hates Fags” stance) posted a video to YouTube in which Fred Phelps Jr. (son of the church’s longtime-now-dead leader) celebrates Murphy’s “brilliant play” and defends his anti-gay stance after, they say, “speaking a smidgen of Bible truth”.

What say you, Westboro Baptist Church?

Two quick points about the above video.

One…that has to be the worst chroma key I’ve ever seen. Seriously. I’m pretty sure you can do a better job with an iPhone and a green bed sheet. Two…the Junior Phelps mentions the Mets hopes of winning their first championship since 1969. Pretty ironic that a church that is still living in the stone age has forgotten the team’s 1986 win, right?

Oh, and if you don’t want to watch that video…the WBC has conveniently summed it up their support in one handy tweet.



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