Cowboys rushing Tony Romo back was a mistake

Cowboys rushing Tony Romo back was a mistake

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Cowboys rushing Tony Romo back was a mistake


Leave it to the Dallas Cowboys, a team that has been the topic of controversial decisions all year long, to rush back the face of their franchise in an already lost season.

But that’s Jerry Jones and the Cowboys for you.

At 2-7, Dallas had no reason to rush back Romo so quickly. Rather than letting him sit until after Thanksgiving, allowing two more weeks to rest up, Tony Romo was rushed back, and lasted 7 quarters before his season ended on the turf of Jerry World.

Now it’s finally official, Tony Romo is done, and so are the 2015 Dallas Cowboys.

And for what?

At best, Dallas was going to be 3-8 after Thanksgiving regardless of whether Romo played or not. Now you’re looking at the final five games of the season, with a healed Tony Romo on two extra weeks of rest, and a return on Monday night against Washington. Think about the buzz on that.

Instead, we get Matt Cassel back at QB with a team down in the dumps, all thanks to Cowboys front office mismanagement who decided to bring back Tony Romo so quickly.


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