5 Reasons Carlos Condit beats Robbie Lawler

5 Reasons Carlos Condit beats Robbie Lawler

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5 Reasons Carlos Condit beats Robbie Lawler


  1. More Tools in the Box

Carlos “The Natural Born Killer” Condit definitely showed in his last fight with Thiago Alves that he is incorporating more takedowns. His arsenal of punches, kicks, knees, and elbows is already usually mixed with solid grappling from the bottom. With these takedowns, he is incorporating more work from the top as well. As a result, expect the NBK to fight Lawler in every aspect of mixed martial arts.

  1. Discipline

His interim welterweight championship fight with Nick Diaz showed his discipline. Diaz was taunting Condit to get him to abandon his game plan and it didn’t work well for Diaz. Instead, Condit continued to stick and move and move and move. In the end, Condit won the fight by decision and Diaz was frustrated.  

  1. Championship Fight Experience

Condit has fought GSP and Nick Diaz, not to mention being the former WEC Welterweight Champion, which he won and defended three times. Did I mention he finished all of those fights by submission or TKO? Look for this fight to show in the late rounds where Carlos will take over or dig deep, if necessary.

  1. Unbreakable Mind

I think both Robbie and Carlos have this trait, but Carlos will have a slight edge. Condit might very be the most mentally tough fighter in the welterweight division. His fight with Rory MacDonald at UFC 115 showed that he could rally back to finish a fight he might very well lose. Expect Carlos to be in the fight for the entire 25 minutes. To quote Carlos Condit “Me and Robbie Lawler are going in there and try to fuck each other up”. You can’t get any more game than that.

  1. Jackson-Wink Game Plan

Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn are without a doubt that best strategists in mixed martial arts. These gameplans are often frustrating to opponents because they are awkward and unconventional. Expect Condit to have a game plan consisting of sharp, unorthodox striking and grappling. If Condit sticks to the game plan expect him to be the new UFC Welterweight Champion.


Prediction: Carlos Condit via Third Round TKO

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