3 BasketBall Betting Strategies You Need to Know

3 BasketBall Betting Strategies You Need to Know

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3 BasketBall Betting Strategies You Need to Know


Do you love the NBA? Have you ever considered betting on your favorite teams? This can be a great way to make some extra cash and to take your fandom to an entirely new level. Admittedly, the 82-game schedule can seem a little overwhelming, but if you are able to manage your bankroll properly throughout the whole season, you will be happy with the results- especially if you use the following 3 easy tips:

  1. Check out the recent game history of preferred teams

Take a look ahead of the schedule for the week and highlight the ones that are playing on the second night of consecutive gameplay, or 3 games within a 4 day period. This is a great starting point, especially later in the season, beginning around January and ending at the beginning of the pre-All Star Break lull. Fading the teams that meet this criterion is usually profitable for those who use this method when making their NBA picks.

You should also pick out your sportsbook scrupulously. For instance, Royal Vegas casino is one of the reputable places to bet on sports in casinos and they are known for their secure gameplay, generous promotions, and having more sports themed games available in online casinos. It’s definitely the place every sports fan should give a try, especially if you are new to the betting game.

  1. Check out the overnight lines ahead of time

Following this tip is an excellent way to see if the lean on an early line looks good. The public will begin (slowly) moving the NBA odds from one direction to another, and dependent on what you think it should be, you can bet as needed. For example, if the line opens the night before the game at -8 and moves to -8 ½ and you think your preferred team will win by about ten points, you may be able to buy low on a spread that’s going to rise higher. Or you can watch the lines move and wait to get a better value on a spread later on in the day or the next morning.

  1. Fade Double-Digit Road Favorites

This strategy is a little more complex, but fundamentally it’s quite simple. The majority of the teams in the NBA are getting better every year and you would be hardpressed to find truly horrible teams. Still when teams fail, they tend to work hard during the offseason. But, even with this extra work, a win is not guaranteed. In fact, double-digit road favorites may play even worse. For instance, last season these teams were 18-22. This is especially true in the beginning of the season, where below-average teams are motivated and the good teams haven’t hit their strides. Later in the season, when tanking begins, it’s a different story. It’s also a good idea to fade big road favorites.

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