The HOVG Podcast: Lew Temple (Part One)

The HOVG Podcast: Lew Temple (Part One)

Hall of Very Good

The HOVG Podcast: Lew Temple (Part One)


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This week, Shawn Anderson and Lou Olsen talk to actor (and former Houston Astros scout!) Lew Temple.

In the first part of what ends up being a spectacular baseball discussion, Lew tells the boys about his days as a Houston Astros scout, the team drafting Craig Biggio, passing on Derek Jeter and shares his thoughts on steroids.

Also, Lew drops some nuggets about his friendship with Rob Zombie and, naturally, how he ended up with greatest mustache on “The Walking Dead”.

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Talkin’ Baseball with Lew Temple

The Greatest Brewers Mustache of All-Time

Lew gets killed on “The Walking Dead”


  • “Harvey’s Wallbangers” – nickname of the 1982 Harvey Kuenn-led Milwaukee Brewers
  • Scipio Spinks – former pitcher who served as a stand-in for Lou Gossett Jr. in the movie “Don’t Look Back”
  • Casey Candaele – former infielder whose mother Helen inspired the movie “A League of Their Own”
  • Phil Nevin – number one pick in the 1992 Major League Draft…a few slots ahead of Derek Jeter
  • Joe Mikulik – former minor league player and longtime minor league manager
  • Ricky Bones – traded in 1992 from San Diego to Milwaukee for Gary Sheffield



This week’s podcast was brought to you by Out of the Park Baseball.

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