Was The Right Move No Move?

Was The Right Move No Move?


Was The Right Move No Move?


The NBA trade deadline has come and gone and the Celtics are once again one of those teams who decided not to do anything at the deadline. Am I disappointed we did not make a big move? No, I’m not; this team is good regardless less of how today worked out. Would it have been nice getting a big name like Love or Griffin absolutely but this is not the end of the road. The Celtics still should make the playoffs and make a good run. They have proven game after game they are not a team you can take lightly, and will compete right down to the final buzzer.

I can definitely understand why some fans are disappointed in the Celtics. I just don’t think it’s worth holding a grudge over them. This team has already exceeded expectations and continues to get better on a day by day basis. It will be very interesting to see how the rest of the season will turn out. I have high expectations for this team and even think they could make the Eastern Conference Finals if they stay healthy.

Danny Ainge went on with CSNNE’s Kyle Draper and said “ultimately they (the trades) just weren’t good enough. Ainge would also go on to say “There were no controversial decisions that we didn’t do. We were all unanimous on the direction that we’re headed.”

The Celtics really showed today that they were not going to give up the Brooklyn draft pick without getting a superstar in return. As it was rumored they talked about the option of trading the pick away to multiple teams for superstar players.

Well this is the team we got, they are our team and they are a team you want to be cheering for as I don’t think they are even close to peeking yet. They will finally take the court again tomorrow night in Utah when they take on the Jazz at 10:30 PM.


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