Detroit4lyfe's Daily 4 for you a.k.a. Detroit4links a.k.a. YOU SHOULD READ THIS

Detroit4lyfe's Daily 4 for you a.k.a. Detroit4links a.k.a. YOU SHOULD READ THIS

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Detroit4lyfe's Daily 4 for you a.k.a. Detroit4links a.k.a. YOU SHOULD READ THIS


Detroit4lyfe has been around for a decade, so we’ve done some things here, including links posts. Here’s a new one: Four major Detroit sports stories/links you should probably check out.

In no particular order:

1.  With Detroit Tigers Spring Training underway, Justin Verlander turned 33 on Saturday. There are a couple puff pieces you can read about Verlander after he threw his first bullpen session from a couple days ago, but I think the most important information you can read about Verlander as he heads into his 11th full season in the bigs is that he’s still dating Kate Upton and Under Armor. No word on his relationship status with Taco Bell. 

2. Speaking of Taco Bell, Stan Van Gundy missed a post-game press conference due to a “clothing issue” and was seen wearing a sweatsuit in the visitor’s locker room after the game. I believe that is code for “He’s in a situation” which is just a short fancy person’s way of saying “He sharted in his only business caj pants.”  Monkeywrench32 knows what I’m talking about.

3. The Detroit Red Wings lost in a shootout on Saturday — stop me if you’ve heard that before. All-Star Dylan Larkin was out with an illness and that didn’t help the Wings stave off their third L in a row. The Red wings are 7th in the Eastern Conference now, only a few points ahead of the New Jersey Devils and four ahead of the Carolina Hurricanes.  I don’t have a great read on the team*, but I’m legitimately worried about the playoff streak. The New York Rangers are in the way on Sunday.

*I’m not proud of my hockey fandom in the last couple years, because mo money responsibilities mo problems has cut down on my free time and put a gun to my head and forced me to choose to buy only two TV sports packages. Much like SportsCenter choosing highlights, I decided to go with the NBA and MLB over the NHL. But I catch the nationally televised games and stream games in completely legal ways whenever I can, which is admittedly not as many as the good ol’ days of catching almost every single game.

4.  Serious typeface: Tony Phillips died on Friday at the too-young age of 56. Phillips was one of my favorite Tigers growing up and one of the first Tigers players I remember imitating in my backyard, mostly because he was the leadoff hitter during those years and had that unique how-low-can-you-go batting stance. Phillips was an all-around solid player, one I always felt was underrated. Tony the Tiger before Tony Clark. If sabermetrics were around in the 90s, Phillips would’ve been more appreciated. Grant Brisbee at SB Nation has a nice piece on Phillips worth your time.

Leave us what you’re reading, thinking, eating, etc. in the comments below.

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