Omri Casspi’s recent struggles from beyond the arc

Omri Casspi’s recent struggles from beyond the arc

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Omri Casspi’s recent struggles from beyond the arc



As Omri Casspi put on his slick plaid suit, you could see the frustration all over his face. He would move his head side-to-side in dismay. He had recently found out that he was snubbed from the NBA Three-Point Contest even after having an indelible shootout against the best shooter in the world (Stephen Curry) and his team had just allowed 18 3-pointers to the Brooklyn Nets.

He was nice enough to give me a short interview after the game even after a tough shooting night.

25 days later, his 3-point percentage has gotten worse. After shooting 44.8 percent in November and 50 percent in December, the New Year hasn’t treated him well. He shot 36.7 percent in January and recently finished shooting 30.8 percent in February.

As frustrating as that may seem for fans, Casspi feels worse and is fully aware of his struggles. Casspi is a consummate professional and is very confident in his ability to get over this slump sooner rather than later.

But the question remains, why has he struggled?

Missing time with a stomach illness, his lingering back issues and recent dental pains (wisdom teeth were extracted) have played a role in his recent struggles. But there has to be more to it.

The last five games, he has played under 25 minutes and a season low seven minutes against the Spurs. I have also observed that his shot has looked a tad flat as of late, which may be a sign of fatigue physically but also mentally. You always have to wonder how the inconsistent leadership from DeMarcus Cousins and Rajon Rondo can affect a solid role player such as Casspi in different areas of his game.


With that said, as much as Casspi says it doesn’t matter if he starts the game or comes off the bench, statistics prove that he has been more effective starting and it really shows when you look at his 3-point percentage. Casspi is shooting 47.9 percent when he starts and 37.2 when he comes off the bench.

That’s a big difference!

I guess there isn’t an exact answer to why he has struggled the past two months. Maybe its just part of an NBA season. I know one thing Casspi will never struggle with and that’s always answering questions with complete honesty.

After the game against the Thunder, he was very candid about his team’s chances of making the playoffs.

“We’re not worthy of it, we’re not worthy of the playoffs right now, I think,” Casspi said.

Very well stated Mr. Casspi. Your team is not worthy of the playoffs right now and has yet to show any sort of consistency.

One thing to note though is that Casspi has shot better from beyond the arc on the road (44.2 percent) rather than at home (39 percent) and it will really give his team a boost on this important road trip if he can get back on track.

These next four games will determine if his team makes the necessary push to construct a playoff push or just accept another season of failure.

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