Thoughts on the UB Re-Brand by @Husaria

Thoughts on the UB Re-Brand by @Husaria

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Thoughts on the UB Re-Brand by @Husaria



I’m Husaria, you may know me as the dude that posts cat photos on the Internet. I also post hot takes on a regular basis. I’m a Buffalo native, still here in Buffalo. I’m a hockey and soccer fan. I’m here to post scalding hot takes on hockey mainly, but I will occasionally get into other things.

Like today, I’m going to talk about the rebrand that is The State University of New York at Buffalo. I’m a UB alum, and like many alums, I was unhappy about the rebrand Danny White did in 2012 to emphasize New York. It was an interesting idea that was incredibly poorly executed.

Again, the idea was a good one. When you tell people (especially overseas), that you’re from Buffalo, New York, they ask how far you are from New York City. The perception that anything related to New York is actually New York City is real and can be capitalized on. Danny White did it in such a way that alienated many of the alums, students and the fanbase.

For me, the NYBI actively minimized Buffalo, something that annoyed me and many other alums. UB is and contribute to the area, it has a very large physical footprint in three separate parts of the area, and it goes on.

Others have pointed out, that UB is the unofficial flagship school of SUNY. While that may be true, that doesn’t warrant forcing a Cal-like rebrand down our throats. Putting NEW YORK in big font, spraying the state on fields and floors, minimizing the relationship with Buffalo wherever possible. White would have probably changed the logo if given enough power and time.

People want to point out that under NYBI UB has won more championships than ever, however, NYBI came along in 2013, the full impact of the NYBI branding will never be realized because most of the students who came here after NYBI are just now becoming juniors and seniors.

NYBI supporters want to cite increased donations as part of the success. Try a recovering economy, especially in Buffalo, alums that saw the mid 00s successes of football and basketball coming into well paying jobs, and an aggressive sales pitch to donors that has nothing to do with NYBI, which is happening across UB, as the money from donations becomes more important with tuition freezes and the year to year state funding to SUNY always being a wildcard. 

This week, UB released its new branding, emphasizing the story of UB. Athletics, given the chance to rebrand, did so and in a manner that would be consistent with the University. IF NYBI is so successful to UB Athletics, why was it changed so drastically then, only keeping a very small part of the old brand: New York’s Public Powerhouse. NYBI was a experimental and controversial idea from a young AD that wanted to make waves. Perhaps the next AD that tries this, does it in a more subtle manner. Danny White’s rebrand to NY wasn’t the first time this was tried, (UB marketed itself as part of SUNY in football back in the 60s), and it won’t be the last, especially as UB markets itself outside of New York State and into the US and beyond.

Anywho, next week, I’ll be discussing the NHL Playoffs after drinking my seventh cup of coffee from Hawks/Blues going into 5OT Friday, or whatever else the bosses ask me to write.

(Joe will probably make me write about the NFL draft)

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