Donald Trump Was Scouted by the Phillies?

Donald Trump Was Scouted by the Phillies?

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Donald Trump Was Scouted by the Phillies?


After Ted Cruz dropped out of the presidential race Tuesday night, Donald Trump was, believe it or not…complimentary.

“I have to tell you that I’ve competed all my life, all my life I’ve been in competitions,” The Donald told the crowd following the Indiana primary. “Whether it’s sports or business or, for ten months, politics…I have met some of the most incredible competitors that I have ever competed against right here in the Republican Party,”

Hold on. Sports?

Yup. Turns out, Trump’s history in sports started long before his unsuccessful foray into football team ownership and that time he auditioned Jose Canseco to be his apprentice.

“I was captain of the baseball team,” Trump told MTV back in 2010. “I was supposed to be a professional baseball player. Fortunately, I decided to go into real estate instead. I played first base and I also played catcher. I was a good hitter. I just had a good time.”

Supposed to be? That’s right, as a high school senior, the GOP frontrunner was once scouted by the Philadelphia Phillies.

“He was good-hit and good-field,” former instructor Col. Ted Dobias said of the former first baseman. “We had scouts from the Phillies to watch him, but he wanted to go to college and make real money.”

Allegedly, Trump was even looked at by the Boston Red Sox as well…but we all know how that played out. The business tycoon-turned-presidential candidate turned his back on baseball to attend Fordham University and, ultimately, the Wharton School.

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