Eugene Monroe calls for NFL to end marijuana ban

Eugene Monroe calls for NFL to end marijuana ban


Eugene Monroe calls for NFL to end marijuana ban


No matter how seriously the NFL tackles the issue of player safety, football remains a dangerous game.

Ravens offensive tackle Eugene Monroe, in an article he wrote for The Players’ Tribune, says that the game’s devastating toll on the body could be eased if the NFL allowed marijuana for medical purposes.

Monroe says that it’s still routine for players to line up in the locker room before games to receive a shot of the painkiller Toradol. Monroe has suffered shoulder injuries and a concussion in his career. He says he and other players regularly are prescribed opioids for their injuries and many players become addicted to painkillers.

In his article, Monroe says that medical marijuana would be a less addictive alternative. He even said that marijuana could act as a “neuroprotectant” to shield the brain from injury or further damage, although more research is needed to confirm that theory.

Monroe calls for the NFL to “remove marijuana from the banned substances list,” to fund medical marijuana research and to stop overprescribing harmful and addictive painkillers.

In its effort to make football safer and improve the quality of life for players after their careers, the NFL needs to have an open mind.

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