NFL's Twitter account hacked, fakes Roger Goodell's death

NFL's Twitter account hacked, fakes Roger Goodell's death


NFL's Twitter account hacked, fakes Roger Goodell's death


Everyone’s getting hacked these days.

Folks can no longer give an eye roll when an NFL player claims one of his social media accounts got hacked. Why? Tuesday it happened to the NFL in epic fashion. A prankster got ahold of the account one way or another and spoofed the death of commissioner Roger Goodell:

nfl hack

Based on the number of retweets, even ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Jason La Canfora felt the need to jump in the fray and help end the chaos:



It’s good to hear  Goodell is nothing more than a victim of a prank here, though it’s just the most recent example of how dangerous the world of social media can be for players and fans. Remember, at the NFL draft offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil lost millions of dollars by falling down the board thanks to an untimely picture that leaked of him on social media thanks to a hack.

This one was all fun and games, but expect to hear more from the NFL about social media in the near future now that the issue has hit so  close to home.

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