A-Rod retires and becomes the Yankees advisor

A-Rod retires and becomes the Yankees advisor

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A-Rod retires and becomes the Yankees advisor


Alex Rodriguez is part of the furniture in professional baseball; having competed professionally for an impressive 22 seasons. However, the legendary Rodriguez, also known more affectionately as A-Rod has announced his plans for retirement at the age of 41. But this does not mean that A-Rod is going to out of baseball completely. After he officially resigns, he will re-sign with the Yankees but in an advisory position for the team. However, this is a much less demanding and time consuming position for the mighty slugger. Hopefully he will not be too bored. Perhaps A-Rod should use his ace sports knowledge to take up sport betting! Check these offers here to see the amazing enhanced odds you are entitled to online.

Rodriguez was reportedly emotional and tearful when he made the announcement of his retirement. He has been around for such a long time, so this is totally understandable.  The shift to retirement cannot be an easy one for a long-time professional athlete like A-Rod. But hopefully him still remaining a part of the Yankees, albeit in a different role, will soften the blow of leaving the team as a playing member. The team’s managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner is happy to have Rodriguez be a part of the Yankees franchise in this new capacity going forward into future season.

“So what exactly is this advisory position?” you may very well be wondering. A-Rod will become an instructor for potential young Yankees prospects, helping with their training in the Spring-time. We cannot think of anyone better than Alex Rodriguez to be coaching and training the next generation of Yankees stars. After all, A-Rod has been playing baseball for many years now and arguably knows more than most players out there. He is also a very good teacher, and will no doubt excel in his new advisory position.

Rodriguez was reportedly not too happy about his impending retirement; but felt that his reserve position had been awkward, and that him retiring and switching to an advisory position was a good solution to the situation.  Being four homeruns away from a total of 700 in his career, it must have been a bitter pill for A-Rod to swallow. However, his newly negotiated contract is still a win for him, considering the steroid abuse scandal that still hovers in his wake. His year-long suspension cost him dearly –a year’s salary. Some say that with his history he is lucky that the Yankees even offered him this advisory position.

Since Rodriguez has not been actively playing in quite some time in any case, the Yankees have pretty much adjusted to not having him on the team. It is hard to deny that with age, A-Rod is not the player that he was in his younger years. We will have to wait and see how A-Rod adjusts to his new role and we hope that he finds some meaning and satisfaction in mentoring new players, and in that way giving back to the baseball community that has been his home for so long now.

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