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2016 NFL Survivor Pool at – Details Here

The NFL season is now only a month away and it’s time to start getting yourself involved by drafting your fantasy teams and entering as many survivor pools as you can find. I’ve found a website,, that is offering a free to enter survivor pool with $1000 in cash prizes to be given away for the upcoming season.

If you’ve never entered a survivor pool before I strongly suggest you try it out. They’re a lot of fun and don’t require much work at all, unlike a fantasy league. Basically you pick a team to win each week and if your team wins the game you survive the week, while if your team loses you’re eliminated.

Sports Bet Listings is running the contest with your pick being straight up each week (no spread) and you can only pick each team once, so we can’t go through taking the Eagles each week, which could be the only downside….

Anyways, if you’re interested in entering, click here to check out the Survivor Pool information at The top prize is $500 and the top 17 finishers all win cash prizes, so there’s a solid top prize and even if you don’t survive the longest you still have a good shot at winning some free money.


If you’re a Canadian NFL fan then you’re not eligible to participate in the Sports Bet Listings contest. The page redirects you to the Survivor Pool contest at, which is exclusive to Canadians.

That contest is the exact same as the one at Sports Bet Listings, but the prize pool is $600 with top prize being $200. That said, seeing as only Canadians are eligible for this contest it could be even better value because the number of entries will probably be less.

Both contests are being run through Office Pool Junkie, which is an awesome free to use tool that only requires a username and email to sign up. Click on whichever contest link you are eligible for above to get all the details for either contest.

Good luck guys! Let’s hope someone from Eagles Eye takes down the top prize in both contests!

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