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Free Survivor Pool Contest with $1000 in Prizes

Our friends at are running a Survivor Pool contest for the upcoming NFL season. It’s free to enter and there is $1000 in cash prizes to be won. The top prize is $500, and the top 17 finishers all win a cash prize.

Like I said, it’s free to enter, so it’s a great value contest that’s very easy to join. Click here for all the details at

What is a Survivor Pool?

If you’ve never participated in a survivor pool before you’re in for a treat. Basically you pick a team to win each week and if your team wins their game that week you survive to the next week. If your team loses you’re out of the contest. Sports Bet Listings is running their contest as a straight up pick’em each week, which means you don’t have to pick against the spread, but can take a big favourite each week. The only catch is that you cannot pick the same team twice.

Whether you enjoy betting on the NFL during the season or not, a survivor pool definitely adds a lot of excitement by giving you a different team to root for each week.


The contest allows you to go through the entire season long schedule and pick your team each week. This not only allows you to not have to worry about forgetting to enter your team one week and thus being eliminated, but you can also plan out a strategy of when you want to use certain teams.

You don’t want to get to the end of the season and only have teams remaining who are underdogs in their games. If you can map out a good strategy to consistently have big favourites as your team each week it could really help you have a shot a taking down the $500 top prize at Sports Bet Listings.

For example, I might take the Bucs in week 3 against the Rams because that could be their weakest opponent while playing at home this season.

Whatever your strategy is for the survivor pool, I wish you good luck. Hopefully someone from can take down the top prize.

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