Matt Holliday Makes A Real Exit

Matt Holliday Makes A Real Exit

St. Louis Cardinals

Matt Holliday Makes A Real Exit


On August 12th, I posted a piece called ‘Everything Ends Badly, Otherwise It Wouldn’t End‘.

It was the day after this:

After almost 7.5 years in the middle of the Cardinals lineup, I was pretty sure that Matt Holliday was done with the Cardinals. And that the last image we’d have of Holliday wearing the Birds on the Bat would be him trying to dodge a high and tight fastball but instead getting hit and breaking his hand.


Professional sport is ruthless. And if the Cardinals want to compete with the Cubs in the NL Central for the next few years, picking up a 17 million dollar option on a player who has posted a 0.2 WAR in 2016 can’t be in the plan.

We hadn’t heard much on the Matt Holliday front, though, until today. When we heard everything. Seemingly all at once.

First, Mo:

Then Matt:

0 to 100… real quick.

Matt Holliday and the Cardinals are parting ways after the season. Matt Holliday is probably still hurt. But he wanted one last homestand at Busch Stadium and the team granted that ask.

A couple hours later?

Well, you know what happens next:

Unbelievable, indeed.

Go ahead, click the replay arrow. Watch it again.

In his 1,770th MLB game, in possibly his last at-bat as a Cardinal, Matt Holliday hits his very 1st pinch-hit home run, giving St. Louis goosebumps.

If that’s it? What a way to throw up the deuces.

Matt Holliday got a real exit.

Photo: Twitter

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