Curt Schilling Continues to Defend Donald Trump for Some Reason

Curt Schilling Continues to Defend Donald Trump for Some Reason

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Curt Schilling Continues to Defend Donald Trump for Some Reason


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, no doubt you’ve heard the one about Donald Trump going all creepy uncle about dating a ten-year-old girl in ten years.

And while most of us looked at the comment with a raised eyebrow, one guy absolutely took up for The Donald.

Curt Schilling.

The pitcher-turned-talkshow host was a guest on FOX Business Network Thursday when he suggested there was nothing wrong with what Trump had said and even threw out a scenario to show host Trish Regan.

“How many times — and I have three boys and a daughter — how many times have you looked at a young man and said, ‘Wow, is he going to be, he’s a beautiful young man. Wow, he’s a gorgeous young man,’ and that man was 12, 13, 14, 15?” Schilling asked.

Regan replied that she she’s never done such a thing and, naturally, the three-time World Series champion disagreed with her.

“Now, see, that’s a lie,” Schilling said. “There’s no way you haven’t seen someone else’s son and said, ‘Wow, he’s beautiful.'”

It’s on that point where I agree with Schilling. Seriously. I think it’s normal to say that a kid might be good looking or something similar.

But Schilling couldn’t leave that one unattended.

“I have a daughter, my daughter has friends,” Schilling continued. “I’ve seen my daughter’s friends, I’m a man. ‘Wow, she’s a beautiful young lady.’ I don’t immediately jump to molesting her. But that’s where the left has gotten.”

Here’s the thing. Trump didn’t say the ten-year-old in question was a “beautiful young lady”. What he said was “I am going to be dating her in 10 years. Can you believe it?”

Now, joke or not…it doesn’t matter. It’s just not something you say. More importantly…it’s just not something you can defend.

Yet, for some reason, Schilling and the rest of the Trump sycophants can’t help themselves.






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