If I Were Booking - Goldberg's Return

If I Were Booking - Goldberg's Return

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If I Were Booking - Goldberg's Return


Rumors had been running rampant for months and as of last night, we finally saw the return of (in my best Bobby Heenan voice), THE MAN!

It has been over 12 years since Goldberg one-year run with WWE came to an end and it appears we will be seeing round 2 sooner rather than later. Reports are coming out from very reliable sources (Jim Ross for one) that Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar for next month’s Survivor Series is “all but done”.

The first thought for any fan that has been watching since 2004 is to WrestleMania 20 where the same two titans collided in an epically advertised matchup. Unfortunately for them, word got out to the New York crowd that both Lesnar and Goldberg would be leaving the company aftergoldberg-brock-lesnar-wrestlemania-20 that night. That match itself had no chance. **WWE Network Plug** Go check it out on the Network, it is definitely worth a watch.

When the rumors first started, the talks were for the two to collide at WrestleMania again. I couldn’t see that being a good idea. The same two on the same stage would just bring up bad memories and would really be a waste of both talents for the biggest stage of the year.

Doing the match at Survivor Series would be a great idea. Obviously Goldberg won’t be back for a full time schedule, and doing the match WrestleMania would make it seem like it was just for WrestleMania. And let’s be honest, Lesnar hasn’t lost a match since 2013, is that next lost going to come to someone who won’t be with the company the next day?

It wouldn’t make any sense. So, obviously, Lesnar will be winning this match, and why would Goldberg agree to come back for a one-time deal just to lose?

So here is how I see things going…

The match takes place as rumored at Survivor Series. Hopefully it will be as entertaining as the WrestleMania 20 match had promised to be – and I think it will. In the end, Lesnar and Paul Heyman stand in the middle of the ring triumphant.

This won’t be the last time we see Goldberg though, whether it is the next night on Raw or on either of the weekly shows during WrestleMania season, Goldberg returns and, being upset that he lost his comeback match, turns heel! I have a sense that a hell Goldberg could be, well, gold!

I can see Goldberg coming down when a top face is being attacked for the save, and then turning on the face, explaining his actions the following week.

The only part that I cannot nail down is who that face would be. The obvious first choice is John Cena – though all signs are pointing to a Cena/Undertaker match at WrestleMania and, honestly, after killing the momentum of Bray Wyatt and Rusev at recent WrestleMania’s it would be pretty upsetting to see Goldberg getting that career boosting win.

What about The Shield guys? Dean Ambrose would be an option but I get a sense that the hype would be there but the match would fizzle out much like the Ambrose/Lesnar match did this year. Seth Rollins seems to be penciled in for a Triple H WrestleMania match (barring injury of course) and Roman Reigns wouldn’t be an opponent that could give Goldberg the full heel turn.

There are a few heels in the company right now that would make a lot of sense and would give a good match, but would need a face turn in the next few months. That would be current Universal Champion Kevin Owens (no, this shouldn’t be a title match, Owens would need to drop the belt) and current NXT Champion Samoa Joe (surprise Royal Rumble entrant?).

There are a group of young stars that really need a WrestleMania win to help their careers so I would say the likes of Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, Cesaro etc. are out.

randy-orton-battleground-645x370To me that leaves one name that has already been at the center of a big fight feel build and match and should be able to do the same on the grandest stage of them all – Randy Orton.

Goldberg vs Orton would be a matchup that would sell some WrestleMania tickets. Yes, we have seen this matchup before, but this isn’t the Evolution rookie Orton we saw back in 2003.

It all starts with step 1 though, Goldberg actually appearing on WWE TV. Though if the WWE 2K video game pre-order bonuses have taught us anything (i.e. The Ultimate Warrior and Sting) we shouldn’t be surprised to see Goldberg walk through the pyro and into the WWE ring again.


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