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Subway Squawkers appear on “Baseball and International Affairs” podcast

Lincoln Mitchell, a writer and specialist in political development, hosts “Painting the Corners: The Baseball and International Affairs Podcast,” and I am one of this week’s guests along with retired Australian diplomat Roland Rich.

Here’s Lincoln’s description of the podcast:

Subway Squawker Jon Lewin discusses what might be next for the Mets. Roland Rich outlines the challenges of democracy and democratization in the 21st Century and the rise of demagoguery in the west, and some general reflection by Jon, Roland and Lincoln on the meaning of Donald Trump’s candidacy.

The podcast is available here.

Squawker Lisa appeared on “Painting the Corners” last month with Alexander Cooley from Columbia University to discuss the Yankees and the 25th anniversary of the end of the Soviet Union.

The podcast with Lisa is available here.


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