BBC Pick'Em: Week 8

BBC Pick'Em: Week 8


BBC Pick'Em: Week 8


Well folks, the week seven picks did not turn out as fire emoji as I would have liked.  The Buckeye BattLoL Cry Staff finished with a 5-5 record overall.  Much like our transition to NESN, a round of Crying Jordans for everyone involved.

This week is led by two Big Ten headliners and then a massive showdown in the south.  In the Big Ten, as I spoke about on Tuesday, the Hawkeyes and Badgers meet up in an interesting match-up where the Hawkeyes are playing their best ball and the Badgers are coming off two hard-fought losses.  Then, of course, you have the Buckeyes and the Nittany Lions squaring off in white out conditions.  Finally, you have the massive showdown where Alabama takes on their toughest competition of the year in Texas A&M.  Let’s dive in and see what the BBC writers are looking at.

Wisconsin @ Iowa

Records: Wisconsin (4-2), Iowa (5-2)

Last Game: Wisconsin lost to Ohio State, 23-30; Iowa beat Purdue, 49-35

Statistical Leaders:

Wisc Passing – A. Hornibrook (680 yds)           Iowa Passing – C. Beathard (1,227 yds)

Wisc Rushing – C. Clement (483 yds)                Iowa Rushing – L. Daniels (595 yds)

Wisc Receiving – J. Peavy (357 yds)                    Iowa Receiving – R. McCarron (289 yds)

BBC Staff Picks:

Wisc @ Iowa
Brandon Wisconsin
Mike Wisconsin
Joe Wisconsin
Shannon Wisconsin
Ben Wisconsin
Scott Wisconsin
Chris Wisconsin
JC Wisconsin
Chip Wisconsin

BBC Predicted Winner:  Wisconsin (9 votes to 0 votes)


Rutgers @ Minnesota

Records: Rutgers (2-5), Minnesota (4-2)

Last Game: Rutgers lost to Illinois, 7-24; Minnesota beat Maryland, 31-10

Statistical Leaders:

Rut Passing – C. Laviano (748 yds)                     Minn Passing – M. Leidner (1,006 yds)

Rut Rushing – R. Martin (515 yds)                     Minn Rushing – R. Smith (590 yds)

Rut Receiving – J. Grant (210 yds)                     Minn Receiving – D. Woltarsky (400 yds)

BBC Staff Picks:

Rut @ Minn
Brandon Minnesota
Mike Minnesota
Joe Minnesota
Shannon Minnesota
Ben Minnesota
Scott Minnesota
Chris Minnesota
JC Minnesota
Chip Minnesota

BBC Predicted Winner:  Minnesota (9-0)


Indiana @ Northwestern

Records: Indiana (3-3), Northwestern (3-3)

Last Game: Indiana lost to Nebraska, 22-27; Northwestern beat Michigan State, 54-40

Statistical Leaders:

Ind Passing – R. Lagow (1,656 yds)                    North Passing – C. Thorson (1,401 yds)

Ind Rushing – D. Redding (548 yds)                  North Rushing – J. Jackson (698 yds)

Ind Receiving – R. Jones (466 yds)                    North Receiving – A. Carr (595 yds)

BBC Staff Picks:

Indy @ North
Brandon Indiana
Mike Indiana
Joe Indiana
Shannon Indiana
Ben Northwestern
Scott Northwestern
Chris Northwestern
JC Indiana
Chip Indiana

BBC Predicted Winner:  Indiana (6-3)


Purdue @ Nebraska

Records: Purdue (3-3), Nebraska (6-0)

Last Game: Nebraska beat Indiana, 27-22; Purdue lost to Iowa, 35-49

Statistical Leaders:

Neb Passing – T. Armstrong (1,359 yds)          Pur Passing – D. Blough (1,756 yds)

Neb Rushing – T. Newby (429 yds)                   Pur Rushing – M. Jones (372 yds)

Neb Receiving – A. Moore (310 yds)                Pur Receiving – D. Yancey (391 yds)

BBC Staff Picks:

Pur @ Neb
Brandon Nebraska
Mike Nebraska
Joe Nebraska
Shannon Nebraska
Ben Nebraska
Scott Nebraska
Chris Nebraska
JC Nebraska
Chip Nebraska

BBC Predicted Winner:  Nebraska (9-0)


Illinois @ Michigan

Records: Illinois (2-4), Michigan (6-0)

Last Game: Illinois beat Rutgers, 24-7; Michigan beat Wisconsin, 14-7

Statistical Leaders:

Illini Passing – W. Lunt (840 yds)                         UM Passing – W. Speight (1,194 yds)

Illini Rushing – K. Foster (384 yds)                     UM Rushing – C. Evans (400 yds)

Illini Receiving – M. Turner (427 yds)               UM Receiving – A. Darboh (400 yds)

BBC Staff Picks:

Illini @ Mich
Brandon Michigan
Mike Michigan
Joe Michigan
Shannon Michigan
Ben Michigan
Scott Ichigan
Chris Xichigan

BBC Predicted Winner:  Michigan (9-0)


Michigan State @ Maryland

Records: Michigan State (2-4), Maryland (4-2)

Last Game: Michigan State lost to Northwestern, 40-54; Maryland lost to Minnesota, 10-31

Statistical Leaders:

MSU Passing – T. O’Connor (1,257 yds)           UM Passing – P. Hillis (622 yds)

MSU Rushing – LJ Scott (336 yds)                      UM Rushing – L. Harrison (397 yds)

MSU Receiving – RJ Shelton (452 yds)             UM Receiving – DJ Moore (258 yds)

BBC Staff Picks:

MSU @ Mary
Brandon Michigan State
Mike MSU
Joe Maryland
Shannon Maryland
Scott Maryland
Chris Sparty NO!
Chip Michigan State

BBC Predicted Winner:  Michigan State (6-3)


Ohio State @ Penn State

Records: OSU (6-0), PSU (4-2)

Last Game: Ohio State beat Wisconsin, 30-23; Penn State beat Maryland, 38-14

Statistical Leaders:

OSU Passing – JT Barrett (1,207 yds)                 PSU Passing – T. McSorley (1,436 yds)

OSU Rushing – M. Weber (612 yds)                 PSU Rushing – S. Barkley (582 yds)

OSU Receiving – C. Samuel (403 yds)               PSU Receiving – D. Thompkins (328 yds)

BBC Staff Picks:

Brandon Ohio State
Mike Ohio State
Joe Ohio State
Shannon Ohio State
Scott Osu
Chris O-H!!!
Chip Ohio State

BBC Predicted Winner:  Bucks (9-0)


West Virginia @ TCU

Records: WVU (5-0), TCU (4-2)

Last Game: West Virginia beat Texas Tech, 48-17; TCU beat Kansas, 24-23

Statistical Leaders:

WVU Passing – S. Howard (1,590 yds)              TCU Passing – K. Hill (2,142 yds)

WVU Rushing – J. Crawford (373 yds)             TCU Rushing – K. Hicks (479 yds)

WVU Receiving – S. Gibson (472 yds)              TCU Receiving – T. Williams (506 yds)

BBC Staff Picks:

Brandon West Virginia
Mike TCU
Shannon TCU
Scott TCU
Chris WVU
Chip West Virginia

BBC Predicted Winner:  WVU (5-4)


Texas A&M @ Alabama

Records: TAMU (6-0), Alabama (7-0)

Last Game: Texas A&M beat Tennessee, 45-38; Alabama beat Tennessee, 49-10

Statistical Leaders:

TAMU Passing – T. Knight (1,500 yds)              ALA Passing – J. Hurts (1,385 yds)

TAMU Rushing – T. Williams (704 yds)             ALA Rushing – D. Harris (572 yds)

TAMU Receiving – J. Reynolds (488 yds)        ALA Receiving – C. Ridley (477 yds)

BBC Staff Picks:

TAMU @ Bama
Brandon Bama
Mike aTm
Joe Bama
Shannon Bama
Ben Bama
Scott Bama
Chris BAMA
JC Bama
Chip Bama

BBC Predicted Winner:  Alabama (8-1)


Memphis @ Navy

Records: Memphis (5-1), Navy (4-1)

Last Game: Memphis beat Tulane, 24-14; Navy beat Houston, 46-40

Statistical Leaders:

Mem Passing – R. Ferguson (1,596 yds)          Navy Passing – W. Worth (603 yds)

Mem Rushing – D. Dorceus (427 yds)              Navy Rushing – C. High (320 yds)

Mem Receiving – A. Miller (438 yds)                Navy Receiving – J. Tillman (271 yds)

BBC Staff Picks:

Mem @ Navy
Brandon Memphis
Mike Navy
Joe Navy
Shannon Navy
Ben Navy
Scott Navy
Chris NAVY
JC Navy
Chip Navy

BBC Predicted Winner:  Navy (8-1)



JC 7-3
Chip 7-3
Scott 6-4
Ben 6-4
Mike 6-4
Joe 5-5
Brandon 4-6
Shannon 4-6
Chris 4-6


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