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The Flyers have a new lucky charm… Matt Read

Matt Read is the “lucky guy” right now.

“He’s the lucky guy right now,” said Shayne Gostisbhere after the Flyers win over Carolina. “We all try to get a touch off of him because he’s the lucky one right now.”

That is certainly quite the difference from last season when Read was, for the most part, doing the exact same thing but having nothing to show for it.

Read says he hasn’t changed much in his game besides being a bit more aggressive, but other than that, he’s doing what he normally does. This time, luck is on his side and the pucks are bouncing his way.

With five goals in as many games, Read is off to the best start of his career. He’s also on a four-game scoring streak, the longest of his career since going on a five-game streak in 2011.

“I am going pretty strong with my feet out there,” Read said. “I am in really good shape and you just have to keep putting your foot on the gas pedal. As long as we are winning games that’s all that matters right now.”

Above all else, this start has rejuvenated his confidence – something that even he’ll admit was lost at times in the past.

“It made hockey a little bit more fun,” Read said. “The last couple of years have been frustrating.”

Will Read be a point-per-game player? No.

But what he’s doing right now should only benefit him moving forward. A confident Matt Read is a very good Matt Read.

“He is playing with speed and along with that comes the tenacity of his game and probably along with that the confidence in his game,” said Dave Hakstol.

If this confidence stays within him, then the Flyers should find themselves in a much better position moving forward.

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