Josh Norman rips field judge after loss

Josh Norman rips field judge after loss


Josh Norman rips field judge after loss


Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman was angrier than most about his team’s 27-27 tie with the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 8.

Norman had a rough outing, which is usually how it goes when one has to line up across from Cincinnati’s A.J. Green.

The final tally of the battle? Green: nine catches, 121 yards. Norman: five penalties.

Norman wasn’t shy about how he felt on the matter, blasting one official in particular, as captured by Mike Jones of the Washington Post:

Rest assured Norman will have a hefty fine envelope in his mailbox this week for criticizing an official.

Norman has every right to be angry. For the most part, he clearly violated the rules, creating problems for himself thanks to the use of his hands. Funnily enough, on one critical play, Norman blatantly interfered because he got beat deep, and Green caught it anyway:

Still, the NFL does have officiating issues. This just isn’t the way to go about addressing those issues. This is a microcosm of a bigger issue, too, because the league will be quite worried it just sent two teams to London in an effort to grow the game on an international level—and they played to a tie.

As for Norman, he’ll need to stop venting his frustrations and improve on the field. This hasn’t been his best season to date, with Week 8 the worst of all thus far.

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