Aftermath of a tough Eagles loss to Dallas...

Aftermath of a tough Eagles loss to Dallas...


Aftermath of a tough Eagles loss to Dallas...


By now you’ve heard the highs and the lows of fan reaction to a Sunday night Eagles loss most of us thought we had wrapped up for a signature W.

Here are two polar extremes of fan reaction:

SDSU (I call him “Sudsy”) from Dave Spadaro’s column at

“Doug Pederson is a joke. The special teams [unit] was not ready for a fake punt when the Cowboys needed anything to get going. You insert Smallwood on a crucial drive that could ice it when he hasn’t touched the ball the entire game [he fumbled]. Sproles was unstoppable and you go away from him. Then you call a swing pass on 3rd down and 8 [and get stuffed for a 6-yard loss] to push yourself out of FG range when you just need a few yards to stay up by 2 possessions. And not calling TO’s when they are pushed back with a 3rd and 20 with 30 seconds left…”

“This is a building year but I would be okay with them firing him now. For as bad as Andy Reid was with time management, he never made that egregious of mistakes in sequence.”

Yikes!!! Someone get Sudsy a gin & tonic stat!

Tommy Lawlor’s take at Iggles Blitz might also have been a little harsher than you’d expect:

“Total fail by Pedey in the 4th. Screens were not working, so make it your go-to play? We have a rookie QB AND rookie HC, last night it showed. Feel bad for the D, played hard and well for the most part, the loss of Lane [at RT] shows although V took some strides. I’m one of the few who thought MS2 would improve and he has. Wish I could say that about Ags. I’d like to see Treggs in action but am not in practice and guess we have to trust the coaches. Meanwhile they’re not developing anything downfield. OUR LONGEST RECEIVING PLAY OF THE GAME WAS 14 F’N YARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Pitifull to say the least.”

On the lighter side of grim was Philly Rod’s reaction at

“This was a fun game to watch, the Eagles played great through 3 quarters but needed to finish it, they had the chance and let it slip… having said that I would move the Eagles up in power rankings even after a loss… it was a hell of a game.”

I agree with Philly Rod’s outlook. We kinda blew a really good chance to win a hardfought game. Pederson must learn from this experience and get better at in-game management—but the reality to me is, we are a pretty good team, much stronger than expected two months ago,  and should be ranked higher now than before the overtime loss to Dallas.


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