Found: Tumblr on Matt Holliday's Arms

Found: Tumblr on Matt Holliday's Arms

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Found: Tumblr on Matt Holliday's Arms


The internet, man.

So I’m reading Derrick Goold’s piece on Mike Montgomery and how he felt bad for breaking Matt Holliday’s thumb on AUG 11th and effectively ending his season (and possibly career) w/ the Cardinals.

In the hours after he hit Holliday with the pitch, Montgomery was also not sure what to do. He asked a teammate for advice. He asked a clubhouse attendant for a phone number. Eventually he texted Holliday about the incident.

And waited.

And waited.

“They might be (peeved) and not text you back and not be interested and you just never know,” Montgomery said. “He was really great about it. He did. Told me it’s a part of the game.”

And I was like… ‘that Matt Holliday, what a nice guy’. So I went to Google to see if I could find some other instances of Matt Holliday being a nice guy and maybe make a post about it to supplement Mr. Goold’s reporting.

Instead I found a Tumblr called ‘FuckYeahMattHollidayArms‘. In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s 100% about the pipes of one Matthew Holliday.

The mission statement:

This is a place where all races, genders, sexualities, and baseball loyalties can come together to admire and discuss the arms of Matt Holliday, LF for the Rockies, Athletics and currently the Cardinals.

A sample post:


Hashtags on point. Oh, and I didn’t crop out his head, BTW. This is gun show. Nothing more, nothing less. Which way to the beach?

Sadly, the last post is over a year old. And regular posting seemed to cease around 3 years ago. Guess we were late to the party. But the archives are still up if you want to take a trip down memory lane to see if your favorite Holliday arm pics have been posted.

And since we’re already here, might as well watch this one more time:

Photo: STLToday

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