Levine sounding more and more like a good fit

Levine sounding more and more like a good fit


Levine sounding more and more like a good fit



Parker Hageman recently posted a more comprehensive look at prospective Twins GM Thad (still not sure what that’s short for) Levine, and I have to say, I like what I see. Rather than Derek Falvey acquiring a sycophant to take over the role beneath him, he added someone with more experience, a successful track record, and a different perspective.

Levine was very forthright in his value on player evaluation, with statistics and sabremetrics as a compliment, rather than the directional force. If Levine is skilled at player acquisition, and Falvey at player development, the Twins are in for some very good times. One fundamental difference is that Levine had a greater payroll, and as a result, his team was able to add expensive players. Usually, they were successful moves, though, so that’s nice, and the team still has a lot of home grown players on the roster, which will put Twins fans’ minds at ease.

That said, the Rangers under Jon Daniels and Thad Levine were willing to make big moves, including for top players in the league. Falvey has also helped his team engineer a winner, though with a bit more subtlety, and with a longer fuse. I was hoping that the Twins would assemble a front office team that would shake up the Twins, and I think that is what we’ll have. Levine will know the market, and will recognize the talent available from his time dabbling in said market the past several years, and deals may happen as soon as November. With Falvey around, we can know that any prospects Levine adds will be coming to an improved infrastructure, and their development is in good hands.

The new Front Office is still not officially assembled, but I am optimistic.

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