Tim Tebow hurt himself stealing a base

Tim Tebow hurt himself stealing a base


Tim Tebow hurt himself stealing a base


Tim Tebow’s MLB journey…isn’t going so well.

Tebow has had his problems as a prospect for the New York Mets, especially at the plate. Now he might not be able to work on said problems after suffering an injury Monday while attempting to steal second base on a fielder’s choice.

MLB.com’s Jonathan Mayo provided further context:

He was thrown out by Orioles catcher Austin Wynns and slid awkwardly into second base. Tebow popped up holding his right leg. He walked off on his own gingerly and was replaced in left field by the Phillies’ Aaron Brown. He went to have his knee checked out by a doctor, with the expectation that more would be known following the examination.

ESPN’s Adam Rubin provided an update:

Good news for Tebow, because he needs to work on his batting average. He’s one of the worst in the Arizona Fall League right now at .147.

Many have debated as of late whether Tebow’s MLB pursuit is a PR move or passion. He’s playing hard, so the validity of it isn’t worth much examination. Look for Tebow to keep chipping away at his prospect status as soon as he can get back on the field.

Stay tuned for updates.

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