PLAYMOBIL has some pretty awesome Flyers & NHL figurines available

PLAYMOBIL has some pretty awesome Flyers & NHL figurines available


PLAYMOBIL has some pretty awesome Flyers & NHL figurines available



The skater figuring in the PLAYMOBIL NHL series

Looking for a fun gift for your young Flyers fan? How about a cool item to place around your desk to show off your fandom?

PLAYMOBIL has you covered with its latest NHL licensed playsets and figurines. Yeah, that’s right, you can get your very own Flyers PLAYMOBIL figurine.

Flyzette was provided with both the skater and goaltender. Each figure runs at retail $7.99.

For starters, the figures come with a sticker sheet of numbers. If you want to put No. 28 for Claude Giroux on the back of your man, go for it. How about No. 53 for Shayne Gostisbehere or No. 11 for Travis Konecny? Yep, they’re all available. The customization that comes with each adds a nice touch.

I tossed a No. 35 on the goalie for Steve Mason and No. 9 for Ivan Provorov (as seen below).

If your child is really endeared to the figurines, there’s also a separate rink and arena available for purchase where you can attack the figures to create a bubble-hockey-esque game.

Here’s some more information from the PLAYMOBIL press release:

PLAYMOBIL has teamed up with NHL to create player and goalie figures from 18 different NHL teams including the Philadelphia Flyers!

They’re great as a collectable for NHL fans of all ages!  Pair them with new PLAYMOBIL NHL Hockey Arena, Stanley Cup Presentation or Zamboni Machine for more fun.  They even have classic Rivalry Series figures!

You can go here and check out the full catalog of the PLAYMOBIL NHL series!

Kyle Phillippi covers the Flyers for Flyzette, as well as for, and Metro Philly. You can follow Kyle on Twitter, @Kyle_Phillippi.

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