Cubs give hope to every Blues fan, but also remind it might take a while

Cubs give hope to every Blues fan, but also remind it might take a while


Cubs give hope to every Blues fan, but also remind it might take a while


The Chicago Cubs have finally ended their 108-year drought. By doing so, they also gave hope to all of the other tortured franchises across the world of sports. One of those is the good ol’ St. Louis Blues who have not only never won a Stanley Cup in their 50-year history, but have also never won a game in the Stanley Cup Final despite three separate appearances.

Blues fans have suffered for a long time, but let’s not pretend they’re on the same level as the Cubs. The Cubs’ drought was over twice as long as the one the Blues are experiencing, and though the Cubs actually won a couple titles before their drought started, the fact their third title was over a century later is just nuts.

That being said, Blues fans can learn one important lesson from the craziness which was Chicago’s World Series win. That lesson is simple: Hope.

There’s always hope because eventually, barring some sort of collapse by the NHL or the franchise leaving town, the Blues will lift the Cup. Maybe it will be a few years. Maybe it will be another decade or two. Maybe it’ll be another 50 years. Regardless, there’s hope. If the Cubs can win, anything is possible.

Following a sports team is about more than just the team’s record and whether they won a title. It’s an act of love, passion, frustration, anger and just about every other emotion as said team continually tries to hit its elusive goal. It’s about connecting with friends and other fans over that common goal. More times than not, that goal is missed. But when that goal is finally achieved, it’ll be the release of countless years of anticipation. It’ll be one hell of a party. Just look at Chicago.

One day the Blues will win. The Cubs have given everyone hope that even the wildest of dreams can come true.

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