The NBA is hot property, but no expansion

The NBA is hot property, but no expansion


The NBA is hot property, but no expansion


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has made it pretty clear expansion is not on the horizon in the NBA. Of course that is not good news for prime expansion cities like Seattle, Las Vegas and Kansas City.

The alternative is for a team to move, but an analysis by Alford and Crawford Hoops Digest strongly suggests there are not a lot of candidates.

For years, it has been thought by many that the Hawks could not survive in Atlanta, but that was put to rest last week by the announcement that Phillips Arena will get a much-needed $192 million facelift.

The NBA is hot right now with so many young stars. Cities are not going to give up their teams without a fight, backed up in most cases by powerful politicians.

So, if you do not have the NBA in your town, the professional team has to be D-League, or does anyone remember the ABA ?

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