Cubs Players to Visit Saturday Night Live

Cubs Players to Visit Saturday Night Live

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Cubs Players to Visit Saturday Night Live


Chicago Cubs fans rejoice, your team is about to be everywhere. And everyone else…you might want to get used to it.

Monday night, Anthony Rizzo, Dexter Fowler and Ben Zobrist will be visiting Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show”. Across the country (and at the same time), Kris Bryant will take the stage with Jimmel Kimmel. Tuesday, the likely-National League MVP will be joined by David Ross on “The Ellen Show”.

Before any of that globetrotting begins, however, a number of the players will be heading to New York to test out their comedy chops on “Saturday Night Live”. A true feat would be if a member of the team actually hosted the late night sketch comedy show.

All in all, 35 sports figures (players, coaches, owners, etc.) have hosted the show…the most recent being new York Giants quarterback Eli Manning in May 2012.  Basketball legend Charles Barkley has even hosted the show three times.

But, for some reason, baseball players have been curiously absent.

Not counting SNL’s 40th anniversary show in February 2015, Derek Jeter’s appearance in December 2001 was the last time a Major Leaguer graced the stage of Studio 8H as a host.  Prior to that, George Steinbrenner (October 1990), Billy Martin (May 1986) and Bob Uecker (October 1984) were baseball’s only connection to the iconic sketch comedy show.

That is, of course, unless you want to include that time Deion Sanders hosted in February 1995.  Which, I guess, if you wanted to get technical…you could.

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