NBA Power Rankings 11/5/16

NBA Power Rankings 11/5/16


NBA Power Rankings 11/5/16


Every Saturday, Alford and Crawford Hoops Digest brings us their world famous NBA power rankings, which is always done in the moment and in 9’s.

9. Houston Rockets — James Harden will be in the hunt for MVP.

8. Boston Celtics — Needs to pick up pace, but right now top 9.

7. Charlotte Hornets — Steve Clifford is a talented coach.

6. Los Angeles Clippers — Oh my, such talent in this group.

5. Oklahoma City Thunder — For now, playing much better than anticipated.

4. Golden State Warriors — At any time this year could win 25 in row.

3. Toronto Raptors — A powerful team that no one talks about.

2. San Antonio Spurs — Shocking they are in top 9 😊.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers — Still our favorite to win it all.

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