Steve Smith trolls Mike Mitchell after win

Steve Smith trolls Mike Mitchell after win


Steve Smith trolls Mike Mitchell after win


Steve Smith, playing in what could be his final season in the NFL, is making sure he lives up to his reputation of being a master trash talker.

Smith turned in a solid performance in Sunday’s game against the Steelers, hauling in four catches for 47 yards. The numbers weren’t as prolific as some of the times he’s faced Pittsburgh in the past, but the team emerged victorious, and that’s what matters.

We all know Smith is great at taunting his opponents, but the Steelers have a mouthy cornerback as well—Mike Mitchell—who has been known to attempt to get into opposing receivers’ heads. Smith shared his thoughts on Mitchell after the game, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN.

“He’s not on my level. He’s not even on my kids’ level,” Smith said.

But the Ravens receiver wasn’t done. He continued on with this great analogy.

“You ever try to build a cabinet with a screwdriver? … I’m a foundation guy. He’s a cabinet,” Smith said.

It’s likely that Smith was responding to Mitchell’s Instagram post from Sunday morning.

Mitchell needs to learn his place. He’s just a cabinet.

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