The Clippers’ 1/5 Halfcourt Pick and Roll

The Clippers’ 1/5 Halfcourt Pick and Roll


The Clippers’ 1/5 Halfcourt Pick and Roll


In the last play break down of the Los Angeles Clippers’ Double High screen, one of the options out of the set was to get Chris Paul either a drive toward the basket, jump shot, pass to a shooter, or, throw a lob to DeAndre Jordan, who is usually trailing after setting a screen for Paul.

Well, with the incredible passing ability that Paul possesses, and the shear athleticism Jordan has, the duo can run a very unique pick and roll set that can yield some very efficient results if the defense isn’t prepared for it.

That such pick and roll set is the Clippers’ 1/5 Midcourt pick and roll. Yes, you read that right, Halfcourt. Here’s how the play diagram looks.


If executed correctly, the play can be very tough for a defense to stop because if Paul or the point guard can get past his defender (PG) with the screen from 5 (center, Jordan) at midcourt, an opposing big is forced to guard Paul coming at them with speed, which means the center, or Jordan, will likely have no one or a smaller player trying to stop them from successfully throwing down a dunk off a lob pass.

Even if Paul beats the big defender off the screen and a wing defender is forced to switch onto Paul, it allows Paul to pass to that corner shooter, and then, the corner shooter can make several decisions: A) shoot the open corner 3, B) drive in for a layup or dunk, or C) throw the lob to Jordan as the trailer.

The video clip below shows two ways the Clippers successfully used the 1/5 Halfcourt pick-and-roll effectively in their recent games against the San Antonio Spurs and Phoenix Suns.

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