UndercarDVR: Pacquaio vs. Vargas

UndercarDVR: Pacquaio vs. Vargas


UndercarDVR: Pacquaio vs. Vargas



Contributor: Nolan Howell


Welcome to another installment of UndercarDVR, where we review what you need to see from this week in boxing and whether it needs to be watched, deleted, or put in fast forward.


  • Manny Pacquiao defeated Jessie Vargas by unanimous decision to win the WBO World Welterweight Title.

All Pacquiao had to do was show up close to his best form to take this and he pretty much did just that. He looked a little rusty early, but cruised easily during the second half of the fight. That said, he is certainly past his peak and, while he could be trouble for anyone at welterweight, he isn’t going to be the offensive treat with incredible angling and speed he once was.

The fight was fine, but nothing special all things considered. It didn’t have that big fight Pacquiao feel (chances are, those moments are long gone). It looked like what it was on paper: a mismatched exhibition for an easy win to reintroduce a veteran before sending him on another title run or a few more fights on a retirement tour. Vargas didn’t look bad by any means and still got some licks in, but it was clear who the better man was throughout the fight.

Verdict: Watch this one, but be liberal with the remote.


  • Jessie Magdaleno defeated Nonito Donaire by unanimous decision to win the WBO World Super Bantamweight Title.

Donaire came out and confirmed that the old gray mare ain’t what he used to be as he looked pensive and just a step slow against Magdaleno. Donaire isn’t going to be that much fun to watch anymore unless he just goes for broke, but given his age and declining skill, he probably wants to give that up in search for prolonged success. A good feather in the cap for Magdaleno here regardless.

This was similar to the Pacquiao fight, but with a reverse ending as the slowing veteran was up against someone who could match him easily. Nothing that will set your world on fire here.

Verdict: Fast forward if you truly want to see this, but Magdaleno’s best work is ahead of him and you’re best watching highlights of Donaire at his peak if you have a craving for one of his bouts.


  • Oscar Valdez defeated Hiroshige Osawa by seventh-round TKO to retain the WBO World Featherweight Title.

No problems for Valdez here as he dropped Osawa in the seventh for the finish after lapping him before and landing a fourth-round knockdown. Look for some fun things in Valdez’s future.

Verdict: Watch or fast forward to the knockdowns if you want to see an impressive beatdown.


  • Zou Shiming defeated Prasitsak Papoem by unanimous decision to win the vacant WBO World Flyweight Title.

This…was not as fun. Shiming looked great in a glorified sparring match against someone he already beat.

Verdict: Until he the novelty of the build wears off and he gets into the shark tank, you’d be better deleting anything Shiming.

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