SoundWhiz headphones review: Take your game to the next level

SoundWhiz headphones review: Take your game to the next level


SoundWhiz headphones review: Take your game to the next level


We all know that music is mood-altering, but there’s a good reason why professional athletes are addicted to it. There’s no better example of how music fits with sport than the recent Olympic Games. Visualizing any major sporting event without music is almost impossible.

Why? Music is scientifically proven to make us move, energizing us to do more.

Losing yourself in audio with a nifty pair of pocket-sized Bluetooth sports ear-buds, you can induce alpha brain wave activity responsible for your dreams and rest states. This state is known as flow. Flow is the ultimate motivational state in which sportspeople are completely immersed in what they are doing. Music can reduce perception of effort and the awareness of pain, making sure you get more from yourself when you workout. There are many examples of successful athletes and how they describe the impact music has made in their sporting achievements.

Did you know that in 2007, organizers banned music from the New York marathon? This triggered London to fight back with the “Run to the Beat” marathon using scientifically selected music to match the physical demands of a runner as they ran the track. It was a huge success and set a new energy around music and sporting events that followed.

There are different types of music for physical fitness training, there’s background music (asynchronous) and there’s music that matches the beat to the tempo of your exercise (synchronous). One thing for sure is science backs up the notion that music with exercise makes an impact.

This is where SoundWhiz enters the field, delivering wireless audio that you can take anywhere, influencing attitudes for the better the world over. Its co-founders aim is to build a brand that fuels the passion and feeds the minds of millions with SoundWhiz personal audio products.

Today there’s an enormous opportunity for everyone to experience the advantage of music on the go. Music can be everywhere. Wireless freedom found in a solid pair of Soundwhiz headphones gives you audio while you commute, workout, travel, relax, learn and talk to your friends. It keeps you on the move, connected and hands free!

Our pick for anyone looking to lift their game, designed with long lasting battery power to cover workouts for a whole day, powerful bass to boost your rhythm while pushing out the reps, and the latest nano-technology offering a lifetime protection against sweat!

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About SoundWhiz

Audio with Attitude brand SoundWhiz is dedicated to helping people develop positive mindset and a can-do attitude through the power of good sound in wireless audio.  Bringing together the latest Bluetooth technology with carefully crafted in-ear ergonomics to match specific activities, a line of bluetooth sports headphones is redefining performance wireless sports headphones. Whether you get your inspiration from music, podcasts, fitness apps or live calls, let SoundWhiz audio fuel your passion.  Follow this brand as on social media—Twitter, Facebook and Instagram—with the launch of their latest line up, get it for you or your fit friend this Christmas, it makes the perfect sporting gift pack to end 2016.

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In a nutshell…

SoundWhiz is truly changing the audio game for sports fans. I myself own multiple pairs of SW headphones, and couldn’t envision myself working out without them. And when I’m on the go, and need to get my sports fix, I just put them on and am instantly entrenched in the sports world, in a quick and easy way. Furthermore, the headphones are pretty stylish, too!

I’m lucky to have been turned onto SoundWhiz by a friend, who told me I was paying too much for quality headphones. That’s when I ordered my first pair, and I’ve never looked back. Making the switch was the best decision I ever made, and I hope you all will come to the same conclusion as well. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

So what are you waiting for? Raise your game with SoundWhiz!

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