Diamondbacks Take On the Mannequin Challenge

Diamondbacks Take On the Mannequin Challenge

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Diamondbacks Take On the Mannequin Challenge


I was really, really hoping we’d have more time between crazy internet video memes, but, well…move over “Gangnam Style” “Harlem Shake”.

Unless you’ve seen otherwise, it looks like the Arizona Diamondbacks are the first team in the Majors to jump on the “Harlem Shake” Mannequin Challenge train.


diamondbacks-videoAnd, yeah, the best part…Kirk Gibson Luis Gonzalez re-enacting his famous 1988 2001 World Series home run trot celebration at the end at the 0:07 mark, followed closely by Baxter the Bobcat going all Teen Wolf on that golf cart the two dudes planning to go all John Daly and David Feherty.

And, yes, this is stolen from a 2013 post.

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