The Avs are just fine, everyone

The Avs are just fine, everyone

Barry Melrose Rocks

The Avs are just fine, everyone


We’re an eighth of the way through the season now, and teams are getting some perspective on exactly what they will need to do in order to be competitive. The best teams are making roster moves because they may have picked up an injury, or they recognize that a young player’s development is ahead of schedule, and they want to shore things up.

A bad team, on the other, would be out to make wholesale changes to stem the tide of whatever negativity has been bringing them down. They will bring in some veterans on two-way contracts to bring some stability to a team, as well as a dose of much needed leadership. They will send young, headstrong players to the AHL to send a message. They need to do SOMETHING.

Not the Colorado Avalanche. They are fine. No changes necessary.


The Avs currently sit in last place in the Central Division, but reports indicate they really like their group of guys.

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