What a Dak Victory In Pittsburgh Would Mean for Romo

What a Dak Victory In Pittsburgh Would Mean for Romo

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What a Dak Victory In Pittsburgh Would Mean for Romo


The Cowboys come into Pittsburgh as the underdogs, which is a bit ridiculous considering how the Cowboys have played this year versus how the Steelers have played this year. We’ll let Vegas do their thing, and we’ll run over the Steelers and make them eat their spread.

The Cowboys have answered the call each week. Each week we were going to face a strong defensive line against the Bengals, then we were going to go to Green Bay and probably lose, then we were going to play a red hot Eagles team and possibly lose. We won all those games in different way, but it has all started and ended with the Cowboys offensive line.

The offensive line has set the tone in each game and taken the will of all these highly touted defenses. For me, nothing will change against the Steelers. The Steelers no longer have Dick Lebeau and its clear when you see what offenses have done to the Steeler 8 games in.

Here is how we win today:

  • Same as every week, slow down LeVeon Bell and Antonio Brown. Limit their splash plays and we win the game
  • Pressure Ben Roethlisburger and test out him bum knee on the run.
  • Big game from Terrell McClain and Maliek Collins. Collins is showing up more each week, and he’ll get a good test against the Steelers.
  • Win the time of possession and pound the Steelers with a good dose of Zeke and Morris.
  • Keep Lance Dunbar out of the backfield in pass situations, he gets blasted every time, he’s no good back there.
  • Dak needs to keep spreading the ball to whomever is open. Do not force it to Dez if he is not open.
  • This is a game where we could see J.J. Wilcox exposed in place of Church. If Wilcox has a crap game, they better adjust and put someone else in place. It’s all about tackling today, and Wilcox likes to hit and not wrap up a tackle. We cannot have that today.
  • Lucky Whitehead needs to start stacking better special teams play, because last two weeks he’s been hot and cold or more often than not. Play smart.

What does a win for Dak mean for Tony Romo?

This has been a subject of high debate amongst Cowboys fans and it’ll likely continue until the end of the year. But if we’re being 100% honest and realistic, the proverbial writing on the wall is there.

This week we learned Romo’s decision to play is a coaching decision and no longer a medical reason. Furthermore, is was reported by NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport that Romo will accept the role of backup QB, but not taking it well.

If Dak wins this game against the Steelers, this WILL be his team the remainder of the season, officially. Romo will be activated next week and become Dak’s backup for the Ravens game.

The Cowboys are doing two things here with Romo’s future:

  1. They are letting him heal up and be used to back up Dak Prescott for a playoff run, and if needed they can plug him in.
  2. They are keeping him as backup, with hopes that they can move a fully healthy Romo in the offseason. There will be hot buyers, especially with a very week QB draft class coming in 2017.

Let’s see how this game plays out. Go Cowboys!

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