Caps to give away a fancy abacus

Caps to give away a fancy abacus

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Caps to give away a fancy abacus


At its most gruesomely boring, all politics is numbers. The economy, the strength of one’s army, and naturally, the number of supporters you have. It’s all about math. Make sure that you are in a position of strength, and then execute a plan that suits your vision. You, of course, being a politician. As you may know, the capital of the United States is Washington, and in that team, relevant to this blog, is the Washington Capitals. With all those bean counters in Washington, they came up with the perfect give away.


That’s right, it’s a counter! Need help tallying up those votes, or the signatures you need on a bill sent before congress? Well, ignore that it says “Alex Ovechkin career points” on it and just value the number in the middle, as you tick upwards on whatever it is you are tracking. What a tidy little novelty! Also [PENDING POLITICAL JOKE ALERT] rumor has it that Russians are very popular in DC right now.

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