Patriots Fail To Score on 4 Attempts Inside The 2-Yard Line To Lose 31-24

Patriots Fail To Score on 4 Attempts Inside The 2-Yard Line To Lose 31-24


Patriots Fail To Score on 4 Attempts Inside The 2-Yard Line To Lose 31-24


It was a rematch of Superbowl 49 on the Foxboro turf Sunday night and it was a close one as there was a total of seven lead changes. But as the clock hit triple zeros it was the Seahawks who would be on top after stopping the Patriots on 4 attempts on the 2-yard line.

The Patriots did not play their best game of the year as they started strong with an opening drive touchdown by LeGarrette Blount. But it would downhill from there as the Seahawks score 2 field goals and a touchdown before the Patriots finally found the scoreboard again thanks to another LeGarrette Blount punchin for a touchdown.

But the Patriots gave up a killer touchdown to end the first half. That was a real gut punch to the Patriots as the Patriots let the Seahawks go 75 yards on 7 plays in just under a minute to take the lead into the half. Belichick described this defensive breakdown by saying “We just didn’t play it very well, obviously. I think it goes without saying.”

The second half would also go not as planned as LeGarrette Blount did score his third touchdown of the night but it just seemed the Seahawks were in control in this very close game. Just when you thought the Patriots were going to go on a drive and score Edelman of all people fumbles the ball and the Seahawks recover.

That turnover resulted in a Seahawks touchdown and gave them a late lead. They drove the ball right down the field looking like they were going to force overtime but the Patriots would be stopped hard on the goal line as the Patriots had 4 attempts inside the 2-yard line and could not pound it in.

But a controversial no call on Gronkowski would end it giving the Seahawks a lead. You could have called 3 different penalties on that play. You could have called Kam Chancellor for holding or a Pass interference on Gronk or you could have called Gronk for offensive pass interference. After watching the replay multiple times I think the refs got it right.

“It was a really competitive play. I thought the game was well-officiated. They did a good job of letting the players play. I mean they called some things they had to call. I focus really on our team, what we can do. That’s what we need to do” Belichick would say about that final play.

The Patriots are now tied for first in the AFC with the Kansas City Chiefs at 7-and-2. It is time to move on for the Patriots now as they will prepare to take the trip to Santa Clara, California to take on the 49er Sunday afternoon.

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