Introducing...The List of Pensblog

Introducing...The List of Pensblog


Introducing...The List of Pensblog


I’m going to preface this post by saying that I am by no means a writer. So pardon if there are no jokes and/or bad puns. Hello everyone, I am Daniel, one of the newest “writers” here. I won’t go into my whole life story, because even I don’t care. Instead, I’ll get to the reason why I am here.

I present to you all…The List of Pensblog! A list of the “stupid idiots” or just people we hate in the blogosphere, NHL, or just the internet in general. After each game (or well, whenever I see fit) we will add new names. Feel free to send any suggestions my way using #TheListofPensblog.

Now….the first names on the list (and why).

THE PHILADELPHIA FLYERS – This goes without saying. They are trash. Their fans are trash. They belong here.  They made the list.

DK – Again, self explanatory, we’ve had problems with DK for a while. Actually should include all paywall sites, but whatev.

BROAD STREET HOCKEY – (See above entry on the Flyers) Don’t philly people have anything better to do, like get fat eating cheesesteaks or gluing the Liberty Bell together?

CAPS FANS – We’ll experience this horrible joke of a fanbase tomorrow night when the Pens play them in Washington.

BRANDON DUBINSKY – Trash player on a trash team with a trash coach. It would be wrong to not include him (thanks for reminding me Rich).

SOUPER GENIUS – No list is complete without Double M. Mostly because he’s an asshole blogger hater. Just find his clips on YouTube.

There you have it everyone! Send me your suggestions and we’ll update the list throughout the season. I’m happy to be part of the Pensblog team. LGP.

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